Speak to someone now – Call NHS 111

Call 111 at any time, 24 hours a day. You will speak to NHS professional staff who will help guide you on any medical issue.

Calls are free from landlines and mobiles.

Get fast help from a Pharmacist

Pharmacists can assist with minor cuts, sprains, aches, colds, headaches, rashes, cystitis etc.

  • No appointment necessary
  • Many pharmacists have a confidential area
  • Open till late and at weekends

See a Nurse

Nurses can assist with various conditions such as vaccinations, minor illness, sexual health, contraception, blood pressure, health checks, ear syringing, child immunisation, dressings, long term conditions.

Book an appointment on the phone 0208 863 3333

Get medical advice and treatment from a Doctor

Book an appointment on the phone 0208 863 3333

See a Dentist

Dentists can assist with toothache and urgent dental problems.

Get help from an Optician

Opticians deal with various conditions such as red eyes or eyelids, discharge from or watering of the eye, Irritation and inflammation of eyes or eyelids, dry eyes and Stye.

Contact us online

There is now a new way to contact us online called PATCHS.